A PBL to Connect the Battles of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution

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Inquiry-Based Literacy

Reading - Informational Text

The American Revolution


Social Studies

English Language Arts


Employ a critical stance

Formulate logical questions

Frame inquiry with a range of questions

Gather/evaluate information from primary/secondary sources

Meaning and Context-Actively participate in discussions

Meaning and Context-Apply effective communication techniques

Meaning and Context-Cite evidence to support analysis

Meaning and Context-Consider viewpoints of others

Meaning and Context-Engage in a range of collaborative discussions

Meaning and Context-Gather relevant information from diverse sources

Meaning and Context-Prepare for and engage in conversations

Meaning and Context-Quote/paraphrase information without plagiarizing

Meaning and Context-Summarize details to support central ideas

Organize/categorize information

Rebellion and Conflict