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Visual & Performing Arts


Intermediate Mid-Connecting Visual Arts


Visual arts career skills

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Teacher's computer and Smartboard
Students' Chrome Books

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This lesson could easily be one that is used throughout the semester, as the material is excellent "food for thought" that many students may mull over and re-think after watching.   You can add to this lesson by researching loads of excellent video interviews/visual artists on PBS LEARNING.com and also POV.com. 
!! Always PREVIEW a video before showing to students !!



Multiple days
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1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The teacher will introduce this unit as a chance to learn the "inside story" of an artist's life, whether the artist is a painter, potter, weaver, etc.  After a listing of all conceivable mediums, and a discussion of common "stereotypes" of what an artist's life would be like, students will watch VIDEO ENTRIES of artists' lives/work, noticing the setting of each artist's business [Do they rent/own a studio? work in their home/apt/ someone else's garage, etc? Do they live in a large city, or a rural setting, & WHY, possibly, have they chosen these settings?].  Students will take notes on EACH VIDEO ENTRY, and these notes will become a "journal" of ARTS POSSIBILITIES, to be created/compiled/saved on their chrome book, to be printed later as a MINI-RESEARCH PROJECT.  Each student's  RESEARCH PROJECT will be a PORTFOLIO containing a resume of the student's:
1. Arts activities in school or community
2. Completed artworks
3. Artworks which are "studies
4. Awards, if applicable
5. A list of APPRENTICESHIPS that are offered in S.C. or neighboring states
6.  A list of ARTS FESTIVALS that relate to the student's interest,
7. Inspirational photos of scenes, figures, abstracts, ANY ARTIST'S WORK that inspires you.
8. A digital collection of the student's work so far, that may be used to begin a PORTFOLIO, no matter how much- or how little- work has been produced so far. IT'S IMPORTANT TO START HONORING WORK ATTEMPTED AND PRODUCED, and middle/high school is an excellent time to begin.

Essential Question: 

What are the avenues for creating a viable VISUAL ARTS CAREER  in an area that is a student's PASSION?  After watching video interviews of numerous visual artists, their career beginnings and current lifestyle,  students will have some concrete facts about the REWARDS AND CHALLENGES in pursuing a career in the arts.

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