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Weather patterns-Kindergarten


Changes in seasons affect plants and animals.

Recommended Technology: 

A  computer and a smartboard would be useful to view the recommended videos.  

Other instructional materials or notes: 
  • large drawing paper, 1 sheet per child (14"x18", or a similar size)
  • crayons and/or markers, making sure there are plenty of brown, black, & green markers/crayons, as all students will be drawing/coloring with these colors at the same time

Trees for all Seasons - Part 1: Deciduous Trees (Kindergarten)

1-2 hours
Lesson type: 
Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson will help students clearly understand the seasonal cycle of deciduous trees.  Students will also become conversant with the terms deciduous and evergreen, as those terms relate to the two large "families of trees" that we see in nature.  
Artistically, this is an opportunity to learn and/or review the terms shape, form, texture, pattern, and perspective  - as well as specify the colors of deciduous trees as they display their color changes in the fall.

Essential Question: 

Why do some trees have leaves that change colors and drop to the ground in fall, while other trees and bushes stay green through all the 4 seasons?  
These trees are in different large "families", but how can we remember the names of these 2 types of  " tree families," and recognize them when we see them?

We will begin by learning about the trees that change colors in the fall, and that big family of trees is called DECIDUOUS. 

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