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Social Studies


Major Developments in SC in the late 19th and 20th Centuries


Civil Rights

Recommended Technology: 

Computer/Devices with internet access

Other instructional materials or notes: 
  • The Gold Cadillac   
  • The Negro Traveler's Green Book and Tourism Promotional Brochure      
  • South Carolina Smiles and Places.      
  • Manilla Folders, Crayons, Pencils, and Paper

Traveling Southern Style: A lesson on the Jim Crow Laws

2-3 hours
Lesson type: 
Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The Negro Travelers’ Green Book began publication in 1936. The book offered “Assured Protection for the Negro Traveler”. The publisher-owner Victor Green began the idea from personal experiences while traveling.This lesson uses this primary source and others to help students understand how Jim Crow Laws made travel different for African Americans.

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