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Social Studies


Causes and Consequences of Decolonization

Cold War (5)

Cold War (7)

Contemporary America


Causes and Responses to The Cold War

Competition Between the US and Soviet Union

The War in Vietnam

The impact of the Cold War

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Computers/tablets with internet access.

In Their Own Words – SC’s Vietnam Veterans and Their Stories

Multiple days
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Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson focuses on rememberances of the Vietnam War from individuals who fought in it. It should be used in conjunction with a study of the facts and events that occurred during the Vietnam War. It will enhance and add a personal dimension to the study of the statistics and facts behind the war. It is assumed that students will have an understanding of the basic facts of the war and the reasons it was fought before they begin this lesson.

Essential Question: 

War is much more than statistics. How do personal remembrances change perceptions about war? 

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Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman
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