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7, 10, 11

Social Studies


Causes and Effects of World Conflicts

Characteristics of Culture

Impact of World War II

Influence of Cooperation and Conflict on the Earth’s Territorial Divisions


Economic, Humanitarian, and Diplomatic Effects of WWII

The Impact of the Holocaust

The impact of cultural factors on cooperation and conflict

World War II

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Technology is not required, but can aid in completion of the lesson.

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Handout 3A: News From Germany; Handout 3B: Rudy and the Nuremberg Laws; Handout 3C: Trude Describes the German Takeover; Handout 3D: Two Views of Crystal Night; Handout 3E: Anne Frank Writes in Her Diary 

South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust - Teaching Lesson Three

Multiple days
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Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The Holocaust lessons were created to help students learn about the Holocaust from the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Lesson 3 shares the recollections of a 12-year-old girl whose entire family were taken away, including her siblings and both parents. The girl's mother insisted that she stay in hiding and told her daughter that she would survive. The girl eventually found the strength to get out of the trunk she was hiding in and go outside. When asked about being Jewish, she lied, saying she was visiting a Jewish friend, and then she ran and ran for miles.

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