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7, 11

Social Studies


Causes and Effects of World Conflicts

Impact of World War II


Economic, Humanitarian, and Diplomatic Effects of WWII

The Impact of the Holocaust

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Technology is not required, but computers with internet access may help complete the lesson progression.

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Handout 9A: Survivors Remember Liberation; Handout 9B: American Soldiers See The Camps

South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust - Teaching Lesson Nine

Multiple days
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Traditional Lesson
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The Holocaust lessons were created to help students learn about the Holocaust from the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Recollections of being rescued by the Red Cross are shared, including being taken to a hospital, and a first meal of milk and rice. Men and women who served in the U.S. Army tell of their arrival at the camps, and relay what they saw when they arrived to rescue the survivors. In the case of some, the rescuers arrived to find that many had been burned alive, just as the Americans were arriving to save them.The goal of this lesson is to focus on the Holocaust experiences of South Carolinians to personalize the experience for students.

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