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7, 10, 11

Social Studies


Causes and Effects of World Conflicts

Characteristics of Culture

Impact of World War II


Economic, Humanitarian, and Diplomatic Effects of WWII

The Impact of the Holocaust

The impact of cultural factors on cooperation and conflict

Recommended Technology: 

None necessary, but computers with presentation software and access to the internet could aid in the lesson progression.

Other instructional materials or notes: 

Handout 4A: Rudy in the Ghetto, Handout 4B: Pincus in the Ghetto, Handout 4C: Renee in the Ghetto, Handout 4D: Ben in the Ghetto

South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust - Teaching Lesson Four

Multiple days
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Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The Holocaust lessons were created to help students learn about the Holocaust from the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Lesson 4 gives first hand accounts of the fear experienced by Jews living in German controlled territories and countries.By 1939, the schools were closed for Jewish children, the synagogues were closed, and the business were closed. Jews were not allowed to have any businesses. Getting food was difficult and had to be smuggled in. The penalty was death.The Germans took able-bodied men and boys for forced labor. Everyone lived in fear. The goal of this lesson is to focus on the Holocaust experiences of South Carolinians to personalize the experience for students.

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