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Visual & Performing Arts


Novice Low-Performing General Music


Play instruments

Read and notate music


Recommended Technology: 

Activ-panel or smart board
Laptop or computer to play Powerpoint presentation Sol-Mi with the Bumble Bees (See Resource File)
IPod and speakers or stereo system to play Spotlight on Music recording found in          
                                grade 1 page T-250, CD 11:24 (optional)

Other instructional materials or notes: 

When using Sol-Mi with the Bumble Bees PowerPoint (Resource File) slides 6, 7 & 10, do not use slide show mode for students cannot move Bee icons, stick icons and notes. They can’t be dragged.  So I just use the PowerPoint as is and students can drag bees to the beat boxes. Once an icon or note is dragged to the beat box it can’t be dragged back. If there needs to be a correction after an icon or note is dragged to the box, then use the back arrow button to go back.
Kodaly ladder
Hula Hoops
Bumble bee or other bean bag
Hand chimes, soprano, alto & bass xylophones
Rhythm sticks
Popsicle rhythm sticks representing “ta, ti-ti, and rest” (students)
Cookie sheet, magnetic popsicle rhythm sticks, eighth notes, quarter notes & quarter rests (teacher)

Sol-Mi with the Bumble Bees

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The student will be able to:

  • sing and show hand signs for sol and mi.
  • sing sol-mi patterns and play a bordun on xylophones and hand chime accompaniment.
  • clap the steady beat and the rhythm.
  • match one or two sounds per beat bar using icons, then notes
  • say/clap each phrase using ta and ti-ti.
  • read rhythms of popsicle sticks and then notes using ta and ti-ti.
  • play and compose rhythms using rhythm sticks
Essential Question: 

How do the syllables sol and mi relate to one another?
Where are they located on the staff in relation to one another?  
Can students sing the sol-mi pattern on pitch? 
Can students read and play simple rhythms using quarter note, quarter rest and pair of eight notes.

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