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Engineering design process-Grade 1


Ask questions to identify problems or needs

Build and test devices or solutions

Communicate results

Recommended Technology: 

Smart board, internet, iPads, see-saw app for iPads 

Other instructional materials or notes: 

Glue, laundry detergent, water, science journals (or paper), and pencils 

The Slime Solution

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Creating slime is a trending hobby for young children. Although it is messy, it is a great tool to help with fine motor skills and even science and engineering. The problem with slime is that it usually ends up too sticky and messy. This lesson probes the question: How can I create the perfect slime consistency? 

Essential Question: 

How can I create a slime consistency that is not too sticky? What is the recipe for perfect slime?

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