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English Language Arts

Social Studies


Causes and Consequences of Decolonization


Inquiry-Based Literacy

Regional and National Interest in the Development of Democracy


Develop inquiry plan

Development of the Two Party System

Meaning and Context-Adapt speech to context/task with appropriate venacular

Meaning and Context-Create visual/multimedia presentations

Meaning and Context-Distinguish between credible/non-credible sources

Meaning and Context-Gather information from variety of sources

Meaning and Context-Present information/findings

Meaning and Context-Quote/paraphrase data/conclusions without plagiarizing

Movements for equality in the United States, Africa, and Southeast Asia

The diffusion of aspects of popular cultures

Transact with text

World-wide trade and technological growth

Recommended Technology: 

Access to the Internet. SmartBoard available for presentations. Each student will be using their devices for research and compilation.

●        Other Considerations – List all

Internet access may be necessary for the presentation. It is important for any audio or video files to be correctly integrated smoothly and correctly.

Selfies and Portraits in the Past and Present

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

In groups of three or four, students will research, potentially by field trip but invariably online, a miniature portrait found in the colonial American section of the Gibbes Museum of Art. Students should create a product showcasing the meanings in the portrait indicated by the artist. Visual clues such as the style of dress, use of props, posturing, spacing, and people included in the portrait tell the onlooker about the historical context of the individual. More information about the period can be gathered by researching scholarly historical websites such as the ones below. This information should be cited and presented in a format of the students’ choosing, such as a Prezi. They then should communicate the idea of a portrait (not necessarily through painting), heavily weighted with symbolism from the colonial time frame.

Essential Question: 

How does the meaning of an artwork endure or change over time?

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