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Social Studies


Purpose of Rules and Roles of Authority Figures


Roles of Authority Figures

Other instructional materials or notes: 
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll by Margery Cuyler (Cuyler, M., & Howard, A. (2004). Stop drop and roll. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.)
  • White Board
  • Markers
  • Easel paper hung on the white board with the message of the day written on it.
  • Paper/ Journals distributed on students’ desks by assistant during the lesson.
  • Pencils

Safe and Sound: Community Helpers

Less than 1 hour
Lesson type: 
Traditional Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The students will be able to recognize the importance of community helpers like firefighters. They will be able to demonstrate what to do during fire-related emergencies and will be able to explain the steps of fire prevention. 

Essential Question: 

Why should we recognize the importance of community helpers such as firefighters? 

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