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English Language Arts

Visual & Performing Arts



Inquiry-Based Literacy

Properties and behaviors of waves

Technology and Engineering


Acknowledge/value thinking

Develop inquiry plan

Meaning and Context-Actively participate in discussions

Meaning and Context-Consider viewpoints of others

Meaning and Context-Prepare for and engage in conversations

Mechanical and light waves

Organize/categorize information

Technological advancements and designs meet human needs

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  • Engage: 2-3 adults, preferably of different ages; students in the class & amp; website: http://www.noiseaddicts.com/2009/03/                                                                       can-you- hear-this- hearing-test/
  • Hearing Test – Can You Hear This? (n.d.). Retrieved February 012, 2017, from
  • http://www.noiseaddicts.com/2009/03/can-you- hear-this- hearing-test/
  • Lab 1: a plain music box 
  • Metal tray such as a white board tray or a white board secured to a wall,  
  • Lab 2: 2 tuning forks, 2 plastic cups with water
  • Lab 3: 5 Cheap glasses (12 oz) real glass, a bucket of water or watering pot with water, metal spoon
  • Lab 4: tuning fork and a ping pong ball with string (about 18 inches) to it.
  • 1:1 device for each member of the group (laptop, PC, ipad, Chromebook, tablet)
  • Lab 5: Violin (Sound, Sound Waves, Standing Waves)
  • Wave Traits | NASA Online | Knowitall.org. 

Riding the Waves of Sound

1-2 hours
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson focuses on investigating sound, both volume and pitch by engaging students through investigation activities. Along with these activities, direct instruction, and 1:1 activities are included. Modifications are offered for classes without 1:1. Students should have a background about waves prior to starting this lesson. They should already know: what a mechanical wave is, amplitude, frequency, and wave height.

Essential Question: 

What are ways we can control sound waves?

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