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Social Studies

Visual & Performing Arts

English Language Arts


Domestic and Foreign Developments

Inquiry-Based Literacy

Intermediate Low-Creating Visual Arts

Novice Mid-Creating Visual Arts

The American Civil War



Combine elements to express ideas, feelings, and stories

Social, Economic, and Political Effects of the War

Recommended Technology: 

Teacher's computer and smartboard
Student 1:1 devices

Other instructional materials or notes: 

-white or light colors of construction paper
-Small water color kits w/ brushes & water cup...or markers & crayons
-"scratch" notebook paper to write memorial day "word bank", for use w/ poem

*OPTIONAL:  soft drawing pastel chalks and/or chalk pencils, black or any color paper

Remembering the Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

After learning about the origin and customs of Memorial Day, the students can connect to various online sites showing the important memorials that have been constructed to honor soldiers who were killed during U.S. wars and conflicts.  They will learn about military funerals & burial flag folding, special sites such as  Arlington National Cemetery, and the very somber and serious approach taken by our military to honor fallen soldiers and their families.  After discussions and viewing the sites offered, students will choose to write a poem or poems pertaining to the themes of Memorial Day, and illustrate them.  Instructions will be given on how to write a haiku, diamonte, or lantern poem, and how to use simple watercolor paint kits or soft pastels to illustrate or add "mood" to their poem creation.

Essential Question: 

Students will have an understanding about the importance of honoring fallen soldiers, and the nature of the sacrifice given when someone loses their life in service for their country. Hopefully feelings evoked by discussions, seeing the various memorials,and learning about military customs,  will help them understand  the great effort and ceremony that is provided for a dignified burial to servicemen and women who are lost in the line of duty. Also, they will understand that the U.S. has set aside this special day in the year to especially remember and honor the soldiers who have been lost in battle. 

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