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Social Studies

English Language Arts



Inquiry-Based Literacy

Reading - Informational Text

Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressivism



Explore, collaborate, analyze

Formulate questions

Language, Craft and Structure-Select/employ craft techniques

Meaning and Context-Analyze/evaluate credibility/accuracy of information

Meaning and Context-Determine meaning, develop logical interpretations

Meaning and Context-Gather relevant information from diverse sources

Meaning and Context-Quote/paraphrase information without plagiarizing

Meaning and Context-Research through different medians and modalities

Meaning and Context-Utilize multimedia

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Write argument text

Reconstruction Ends

Reflect to comprehend

Synthesize information

Transact with text

Recommended Technology: 

Computers/tablets with internet access

Reconstruction Ends — A Collaborative PBL About Segregation and Harsh Discriminatory Southern Policies

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

During Reconstruction and the years following the end of Reconstruction, segregation and redemptive southern policies greatly affected the lives of African Americans. Use the background information and the imaginative scenario to gain knowledge and experience how segregation and segregation policies affect individuals. Use your insights to answer the essential question.

Essential Question: 

Is segregation ever appropriate? 

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Lisa Ray
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