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8, 9, 11

Visual & Performing Arts


Advanced High-Creating Theatre


Collaborate to construct technical elements

Use design and technical elements for improvisation

Recommended Technology: 

Student Chromebook

Other instructional materials or notes: 

CURTAINS UP! spiral notebook [from Part 1]

Professional Careers in Theatre [ Part 2: Technical & Designing Careers]

Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

By viewing & taking notes on these excellent  PBS video interviews, and then completing a GROUP THEATRE DESIGNER PROJECT, students will be provided with a REAL PICTURE of:
1) How theatre tech professionals and the various designers [ who create costumes, makeup, sound, lighting,etc.] became interested in their professions, how they were hired, etc.  2) The amazing variety in sizes/types of theatres in which they work   3) The educational and/or volunteer experience that had an impact on these professionals & their career path, their learning curve, and hence their EMPLOYABILITY 4) the creativity, focus, and follow-through needed to complete design work WELL, AND ON TIME, for a show, 5) informative personal stories and memorable QUOTES to help you begin your journey, stay motivated, and make good decisions for your employable future! 

Essential Question: 

What are the technical jobs and backstage designing jobs that are utilized in most theatres?  Find out what is required of professionals in these positions, why they enjoy their jobs, and how to get the experience you need to take part in the action!

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