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Visual & Performing Arts

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Advanced High-Connecting Visual Arts

Advanced High-Creating Theatre

Innovative Designer

Intermediate Mid-Connecting Theatre



Meaning, Context, and Craft-Develop real/imagined experiences/events

Theatre career skills

Visual arts career skills

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Student Chromebook

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A new spiral notebook
Art supplies to personalize the notebook, if desired

Professional Careers in Theater [Part 1: Management, Directing, Planning]

Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

 Within this unit, students will see excellent PBS  interviews with theatre professionals employed in these positions:  Senior Vice President of Theatre Operations,  Theatre Director, Playwright, Producer, Director, Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager [depending upon the size and origin of the theatre, positions and the *nomenclature [vocabulary word for notebook] of such positions may vary, but these are a good representation based on the many theatres visited in PBS video segments.]
There are many necessary, challenging, and creative career possibilities in the world of theater. Many people look at theater jobs and think of 2 basic categories: * ACTORS, and *BACKSTAGE TECHNICAL / DESIGNING positions, such as the stage crew, lighting designer, sound designer, make-up artist, costume designer…but the MANAGEMENT POSITIONS are of utmost importance. These managerial positions lay a SOLID FOUNDATION for a theatre to function…by delivering an appealing, high-quality product that pleases patrons, which allows the theatre to profit and flourish!  This requires excellent planning and organization on the part of the employees in theatre management. 

Essential Question: 

 How can someone with a PASSION for Drama/Theatre have a steady career in this area?  And especially, WHAT ARE THE JOB POSSIBILITIES for a person who loves Theatre and is not necessarily an ACTOR or "tech", but wants to help MANAGE a theatre, choose the season, hire a director or be the director…in other words, CREATE and/or MANAGE SOME PART OF THE ENTIRE THEATRE EXPERIENCE?

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