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Structural characteristics and traits of plants and animals.


Classify plants as flowering or nonflowering, animals as vertebrate or invertebrate

Recommended Technology: 

Computer, projector

Plant Investigations

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Students receive foundational information in the previous grade about the plant life cycles. The teacher should begin the discussion assessing student’s prior knowledge about plants including, the necessities for them to grow and produce also the stages of the life of plants.

In groups, have students research and present plants that are on their plate. These plants can be a combination of all of their cultures or students can pick one culture to research and present on. Students will need to classify that plant as a flowering or non-flowering plant, present a model of the plant and its development, what is needed for that plant to grow, and when and where that plant is best grown. 

Essential Question: 

Are students able to identify and classify plants by their characteristics? Can students understand how the structural characteristics and traits of plants and animals allow them to survive, grow, and reproduce?

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