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Social Studies


Early South Carolinians

Global Trade After 1600

Settlement of North America



England's Colonies

English Colonization

European Settlements

Political and Economic Aspects of Settlement Patterns

Role of Africans in the Culture and Economy

Settlement and Change

The Colonial Economy

Triangular Trade

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White boards or a projection device
Student tablets/laptops for 1:1 application of resources and group work

A PBL That Explores Beyond Barbados: The Carolina Connection

Multiple days
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Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Sometimes, the history of a place begins elsewhere. It is a complex blending of cultures and place.The history of South Carolina is likewise complex, and it began somewhere else, in a place that many South Carolinians know very little about. A place where our culture and our diversity were forged.


Essential Question: 

How can the concept of “place” be explained through social interactions?

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Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman
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