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Visual & Performing Arts


Advanced High-Connecting Theatre


Theatre career skills

Recommended Technology: 

Student's chromebook

Other instructional materials or notes: 

Dedicated expandible folder with closure
Dedicated notebook  & pen

Passionate about ACTING? Investigate careers in theater,film,coaching,teaching!

Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Students will see video interviews with working actors, theatre students, and other drama professionals advising on the many ways to craft a career in the dramatic arts.  Chances are if a student is performing in school productions, then they are coached and trained by a theater teacher at a middle or high school, so TEACHING  may be one route to a dramatic arts career.  One of the videos shows an acting coach advising a student how to connect with the audience MORE during a song.    Also, after analyzing the pros and cons of the video actors' opinions to different routes leading to a theater career, students will do actual personal and community  research, compiling  their own CURTAIN'S UP notebook containing: 
* Two outlined BIOGRAPHIES  of personal acting "favorites", containing details about each actor's beginning steps, i.e. schooling, auditions, agents, etc.  that led to their profession film or theater career.
*a list of local theatres and/or small film production companies [even for local TV advertising production]
* dates  for auditions in their community, or nearby cities, & preparations needed for those auditions, possibly including songs or memorized monologues
*locations, times and cost to participate in  acting classes outside of school,
*theatres that will welcome volunteer work, whether in a capacity backstage, or in the house, during a production. 
 In other words, ANYONE who is truly interested in pursuing a career in acting must make connections with local venues, other local performers, drama teachers, filmmakers, and gather as many types of film acting/ stage acting experiences as possible.  

Essential Question: 

What is required to attempt a career as a performing artist, coach or teacher in theater or film, and how can students be fully prepared to achieve their goals and find work in the area of their passion? Students will investigate and gather materials that will help in preparation if a decision is made to "go for it!"

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