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5, 7, 8

Social Studies


Domestic and Foreign Developments

Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries

Limited and Unlimited Government

Reconstruction (5)

Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressivism


Discriminatory laws

Political, Economic, and Social Effects

The Challenge of Freedom

The Civil Rights Movement

The Enlightenment

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Computers/tablets with internet access.

Minnie Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement

Multiple days
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Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson can be a component of a year-long project based lesson on civil rights or one part of a single, shorter PBL focusing only the civil rights era after World War II. This particular extension deals specifically with the 8th grade standards that are noted. The other standards included in the PBL are intended to be used should the teacher choose to look at civil rights progressively throughout the school year. Although a Word Analysis Sheet has been included with this text, there is also a separate resource sheet that helps in understanding terms specific to the Civil Rights Movement.

Using background sources and a narrative about Minnie Kennedy’s life, students will learn about the Civil Rights Movement and racial inequality. Students should examine their own experiences and draw modern parallels, discussing ways in which to improve equality.


Essential Question: 

In what ways are laws and/or policies affected by the culture of a place and the cultural beliefs of people?

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Kelly Hogan Kinard - Edited by Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman
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