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8, 9, 10

Visual & Performing Arts



Advanced High-Creating Media Arts

Creative Communicator

Novice High-Creating Media Arts


Communicate meaning in work

Most effective technology procedures

Use proper resources to clearly and concisely communicate

Recommended Technology: 


Other instructional materials or notes: 

-a "media notebook" & pen
-a NURSERY RHYME book [ why? because many of the rhymes are simple and SHORT!... good for a first assignment.]

MEDIA ARTS CAREERS: Projection Mapping: Creative Possibilities in Theater & Public Installations

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Projection mapping has become a creative addition to many plays on Broadway, and also a highlight of city festivals around the world.  Learn more about this technology and its uses to decide if you'd like to add to your portfolio of ARTS SKILLS by gearing up to utilize projection mapping!

Essential Question: 

What are the technological tools and skills needed to add the dramatic look of projection mapping on the stage, in educational exhibits and museums, or in public at festivals and parks?    

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