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8, 9, 10

Visual & Performing Arts

English Language Arts



Advanced Mid-Creating Media Arts

Creative Communicator

Inquiry-Based Literacy

Novice Mid-Creating Media Arts


Analyze ideas/information from text/multimedia

Choosing platforms and tools

Combine elements and principles to make artwork

Organize/categorize information

Planning and development of media art

Use past, current, and emerging technoloy

Recommended Technology: 

Student chromebook
video camera   OR  cell phone w/ video capabilities
[Recharger for either cameras]
tripod or dolly,  if using a video camera

Other instructional materials or notes: 

Filmmaking Notebook [new spiral notebook]
a folder with pockets inside for clipped images from magazines, discarded books
1 piece posterboard, any color


Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

There are many jobs that go under the heading of FILMMAKER...learn about writing, planning, directing, editing, set decoration, costuming, filming "on location", and the other exciting challenges that await the creative spirit of filming a story or documentary . From the very small film crew of 1 person, to a film crew of hundreds, there are many ways to make a film that will successfully impact an audience.

In this lesson you will learn some of the differences between using FILM  &  VIDEO, by hearing the positives and negatives of using the 2 technologies.  This 1:1 lesson will be informational, but an actual  "film making project" is provided in the Project Based Lesson  in this unit as part of  the VIDEO PRODUCTION lesson. However, if you are seriously interested in producing films, this lesson is a great overview to educate you about film and making films.  Through the collection of video interviews, you will learn an enormous amount about the planning, expense, and NON-GLAMOROUS hardships that can be a large part of filmmaking...but also, you'll hear  the passion that so many in the industry have for this profession!

Essential Question: 

What are the best ways to learn about the different aspects of filmmaking, and get involved in the process?  

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