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Characteristics of Culture

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Blending of cultures

Music career skills

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* New spiral notebook & pen 


Love music & sound recording? Think SOUND ENGINEERING, & study job possibilities!

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Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Within this unit, students will learn historical information about sound recording/engineering at its very ROOTS.  Also, there is great information about how music was recorded in different eras & places, with different races, and what technical AND cultural changes have been pushed forward by the THIRST for new music. FOUR lesson plans have been included...there are assessments for EACH ONE that needs to be completed for the semester's work.  The VIDEOS attached hold great conversations about successfully working with artists, anticipating how the consumer market will respond to new releases, encouraging artists to explore with creativity,  etc.   There is a lot to be learned by watching the videos, taking notes, and completing assessments. And this can be a STARTING POINT for your own explorations within your community as a possible sound consultant/engineer. 

Essential Question: 

Which skills are needed to have a successful career as a sound engineer and possibly producer of sound-oriented products? [music for local and/or mass markets, sound and music for ad agencies, professional sound studios, etc.]
And how does a student get an opportunity to develop these skills?

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