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5, 8

English Language Arts

Social Studies


Domestic and Foreign Developments

Inquiry-Based Literacy

Reading - Literary Text

Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressivism


Explore, collaborate, analyze

Industrial Revolution

Language, Craft, and Structure-Determine figurative/connotative meanings and their impact

The Progressive Movement

Recommended Technology: 

An electronic device for viewing photographs and reading poems. 

Other instructional materials or notes: 

Students will need pencil and paper. 

Life during the early South Carolina Textile Mill Era through poetry and photography

Less than 1 hour
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

During this SmartARTS lesson, students will learn what life like during the early South Carolina Textile Mill Era. Students will analyze photographs and close read a poem in order to gain information and use visual literacy skills.  Students will also create a metaphor and draft a short informal poem/story. Language arts vocabulary includes setting, character, dialect, line, and metaphor.  This lesson provides a strong foundation for research. 
Concepts: Visual literacy, Elements of poetry, Textile Mill Era, Writing Process, Research

Essential Question: 

1. What was life like during the early South Carolina Textile Mill Era? (1890 - 1938)
2. How can I close read a photograph?
3. What can I learn from a poem?
4. How can I respond through creative writing?

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