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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

English Language Arts


Inquiry-Based Literacy


Analyze ideas/information from text/multimedia

Explore, collaborate, analyze

Recommended Technology: 

Student chromebook

Other instructional materials or notes: 

*Small copy of world map
*Small spiral notebook to use as a "travel diary" (in which to write nautical vocabulary words, and place names) and a pen
*Several copies of  "travel magazines" with great photos ( NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC or  SIERRA CLUB  magazines...or hiking, biking, boating magazines, etc.)
*cardboard, -  12"x 18"  or larger  if possible [this can be recycled from a shipping carton, etc.] 
* posterboard, 1 piece  ( can be used INSTEAD OF cardboard, if desired)

Let's Go Careers: SAILING into EXCITING WRITING...by exploring the life of CARGO VESSELS & World Commerce

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson explores the variety of careers which center around the business of importing and exporting products all over the world.    Whether it's bananas coming from countries near the equator, or computers traveling from Japan to the United States, or new cars being shipped from Detroit to Dubai, LARGE  CONTAINER SHIPS transport 90 % of the world's salable goods. 

The shipping part of this industry is a source of many interesting and well-paying jobs, and these jobs can be acquired with many different levels of education, from a high school diploma...to a Master's Degree...even to an actual degree in Maritime Shipping!   Whether it's a port in  Norfolk, Va., Charleston, S.C.., Savannah, Ga., Miami, Fl.... or a port up north in  the Great Lakes region,  there are rich possibilities for employment.   Also, many of these jobs have worldwide travel opportunities, and could include a lifestyle near or on the water!

*This lesson features videos from KnowitAll's Let's Go Careers Series

Essential Question: 

Exactly what types of jobs are available in businesses related to  exporting and importing products?  A large portion of these jobs are directly related to international shipping and maritime commerce.   Learn what these jobs are, and what types of preparation will get you ready for a position  in this large and thriving industry,

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