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Social Studies


Early South Carolinians

Places and Regions in South Carolina



Early European Colonies

Interaction Between People and the Physical Landscape

Native American Tribal Groups

The First People

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Computer/tablet technology with internet access.

The King’s Highway - Places as Cultural Artifacts

Multiple days
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Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Places are cultural artifacts that reflect a particular times or culture. They are central to our understanding of individual cultures and their histories. In this lesson students will examine how different cultures and time periods have shaped the natural habitat of the King’s Highway in Hobcaw Barony. Students will answer specific questions to determine who interacted with the natural environment on King’s Highway as well as how that interaction may have affected both people and the environment. They will also examine how cultural beliefs and practices contributed to changes in the natural environment, as well as patterns of migration, and economic development. Finally, students will answer an essential question that is applicable to the historical periods examined as well as to our present time.

Essential Question: 

How do cultural beliefs, past experiences, personal backgrounds and aspirations change the ways people interact with their environment?

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Kelly Hogan Kinard - Edited by Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman
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