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Social Studies


Role of Citizens


Principles of American Democracy

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Other instructional materials or notes: 

**LIFE SKILLS cards/sentence strips, including the word & definition for each...posted in a visible location for discussion
** Construction paper, crayons, markers 
**A bulletin board, or a "project board" that can stand up on a counter
**POST-IT pads, that are at least 3" x  4" , which will be cut into LEAF SHAPES
** IF NO SMARTBOARD in classroom, use a whiteboard, chalkboard, or large chart-pad [to utilize during class discussions]

"Growing" into Good Citizens, Creating Great Communities

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Students will be led in a discussion of how pleasing behaviors contribute to a happy family, classroom, job situation, and even a happier country.  Life Skills posters will be visible for a discussion on friendships, families, and job situations that might require a  person to have caring, responsibility, courage, etc.  After a discussion about how we see and use these life skills daily in our families and schools,  simple art projects will follow to reinforce the ideas of the POSITIVE EFFECTS these life skills can have on our lives, whether in families, schools, jobs or in our government.

Essential Question: 

The class will study character traits, a.k.a. "life skills", that are essential for a contributing citizen of a democracy, AS WELL AS enabling a person to live happily and productively in a family, classroom, or job setting.  

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