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Reading - Informational Text

The Civil War


Forces of Unity and Division

Meaning and Context-Articulate ideas logically from credible sources

Meaning and Context-Determine meaning, develop logical interpretations

Meaning and Context-Maintain collaborative conversations

Meaning and Context-Present ideas through multimedia/modalities

Meaning and Context-Research through different medians and modalities

Meaning and Context-Summarize details to support central ideas

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Computers/tablets with internet access

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Online Resource for Creating Infographics:
Easy-to-Use Infographic Maker

Forces of Unity and Division

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Students will read letters written in history and see how they tell the story of the past and what society and the culture was like at the time.  After learning more about sectionalism and the division occurring during Antebellum Era, each student group will create infographs that analyze their primary sources. Each group, as a culminating activity,  will create a presentation, using their analysis of the three issues from their infographs. The presentation should answer the essential question. The presentation will be presented to the class and the class will vote as to whether they successfully proved their point of view as to whether sectionalism caused the issues or the issues were caused by sectionalism.

Essential Question: 

During the Antebellum era did social, economic, and political issues create sectionalism, or did sectionalism create the issues?    

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