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6, 9, 10, 11, 12


Social Studies


Applying Newton’s Laws of Motion

Mechanical energy, kinetic energy and potential energy

Newton’s laws of motion

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Recommended Technology: 

student chromebook

Other instructional materials or notes: 

spiral notebook for collecting architectural designs / making notes
glue, scissors, markers,
collected materials to complete BRIDGE PROJECTS [ books, rope, chairs,depending which bridge project is chosen]
MATERIALS TO BUILD MODEL PLAYGROUND.  (Use your imagination and also available materials...be creative!!) 

Designing a Career in Architecture

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson provides students with views of the different areas in which an architect may work, depending on the focus of their interests and training.  If a student is comfortable with math and geometry, and also has artistic leanings, a career as an ARCHITECT can be extremely creative, lucrative, and personally satisfying.  

Essential Question: 

What are the different types of architecture needed in today's world?  What are the exact duties of an architect when designing a building, or an outdoor park, and what types of training does one need?  

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