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Social Studies

English Language Arts



Inquiry-Based Literacy

Reading - Informational Text

The Civil War


Formulate questions

Language, Craft and Structure-Incoporate craft techniques

Meaning and Context-Actively participate in discussions

Meaning and Context-Engage in a range of collaborative discussions

Meaning and Context-Present ideas through multimedia/modalities

Meaning and Context-Quote/paraphrase information without plagiarizing

Meaning and Context-Research through different medians and modalities

Meaning and Context-Utilize multimedia

Organize/categorize information

The Crisis of the 1850s

Recommended Technology: 

Tools used: Google Classroom,  Learn 360,  Variety of internet resources including DISCUS, Presentation software that allows collaboration. Suggestions are Google Presentation, LucidChart, Google Drawing or other appropriate software on iPad/device - Google Drive and Documents to collaborate and explore and learn together. 

  • Students will use technology on the modification and redefinition levels of the SAMR Ladder to view, research valuable resources, collaborate and communicate the events that led to the CIvil War.  
  • Students will use Google Documents and internet resources, provided and searched to complete outlines provided.  
  • Students will then use Google Drawing to create an infographic on one specific event  using comment feature to offer/receive feedback throughout process.
  • FInally Infographics will be linked to an Interactive timeline which will be displayed via the teacher’s website and School social media accounts. 

Crisis of 1850 (Secession)

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

As sectionalism arose from racial/societal tension many events occurred that led  to South Carolina’s secession from the Union. Students will create an interactive timeline of the Road to Civil War. 


Essential Question: 

How did South Carolina become the center of a conflict that threatened American unity?

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