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Social Studies


Global Trade After 1600



Mercantilism and Capitalism

The Colonial Economy

Recommended Technology: 

Computer with internet access

Other instructional materials or notes: 
  • Colored copies of Vol. I, plate 14
  • Analyzing prints handout
  • Power Point “Gallery Walk”
  • Images printed off for the gallery walk
  • Quilt template
  • Markers/colored pencils/scissors 

Catesby - Seeing the Parts and Connecting the Whole

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The student will explore and compare how individual elements influence the whole to create a new environment, specifically making the connections between bird migration and the development of the rice plantations and the transatlantic slave trade. 

Essential Question: 

“How do individual elements influence the whole to create a new environment?”

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Lesson created by:
Gerilyn Leland and Liz Goodloe
Edited by Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman
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