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Visual & Performing Arts


Advanced High-Connecting Visual Arts


Visual arts career skills

Recommended Technology: 

Access to a color printer

Other instructional materials or notes: 

*INFORMATIONAL ART BOOK- [or print-out] about a favorite artist, containing pictures of their artwork, & details of their personal and work history...also, anything that was going on culturally or geographically that influenced their work [a war, moving to a new country, a particular "movement" in the art world, etc.]
* ASSORTED ART SUPPLIES-  such as poster board, colorered pencils, markers, washi tape, scissors, glue, etc.
* CAMERA /CELL PHONE- to take photos of artist's work to print later

The career of MUSEUM CURATOR is seeking artsy, hard-working, & organized applicants!

Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

This lesson contains interviews with several successful museum curators.  These people manage art museums of different sizes & types...some on University campuses, others affiliated with a city, or some incorporated with a historic site.  Curators are responsible for making sure exhibit artwork is cared for properly, hung in a correct and interesting manner for shows, and then crated carefully for shipping for their next destination; hence the need for organization.  Also, the curator is responsible for recruiting the public to see the exhibit, providing related activities for different ages to enjoy, organizing staff to carry out these activities, &  PUBLICIZING all the dates & times, and the price of fees, if any, that visitors will need to pay for museum admittance or special events.  And since there are several exhibits each year in most museums, curators are busy people!     But they're happy people, too, if they enjoy being surrounding by art and art enthusiasts!

Essential Question: 

What skills are required to successfully apply for and succeed at the job of managing an arts museum?  And what are the skills needed for people you will need to hire? 

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