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Visual & Performing Arts


Intermediate High-Connecting Dance


Researching dance topics and careers

Recommended Technology: 

Teacher will have computer/smartboard to view several videos WITH the entire class, in order to have group discussions, before the students do their own research with their devices.

Students will have chromebook, a spiral notebook, & pen/pencil... that will be used  for any other writing, notes they wish to take while watching dancer/choreographer videos.

Other instructional materials or notes: 

*dance posters
*dance books from the Media Center 
*old artifacts of  student dancers  that can be loaned for a "table display" [shoes, choreography notes, costumes, pictures from childhood recitals, etc.
* A sample of a traditional, non-digital portfolio, which can be used as a repository for clippings of dancers, articles /posters about dance events,etc....to demonstrate that students may want to purchase a portfolio or some kind of "satchel" in which to safely keep items that INSPIRE THEM, CHALLENGE THEM, & help them REMEMBER THE PAST STEPS which have brought them to a rewarding experience in the dance career, whether it will be as an AMATEUR in the future, or as a PROFESSIONAL.

TEACHERS:  This DANCE CAREER lesson is labeled as paced over 3-4 days, but can successfully be returned to throughout a semester, or the entire school year.    The quantity of EXCELLENT VIDEOS  on PBS.org , & also POV.org, are staggering, and an occasional but regular viewing of different artists discussing their dance careers, can be a beautiful addition to the classroom experience.

Can You Develop Your DANCE PASSION Into A CAREER?

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

The teacher will introduce this unit as a chance to learn the "inside story" of a dance professional's life...whether primarily a dancer, or a choreographer.  After an entry activity and discussion, students will TAKE NOTES on videos offered.  After viewing several videos, each student will journal on facts they learned from the videos, i.e.  surprising revelations, predictable information, and feelings about the living situations/degree of compensation vs. hrs. of practice & rehearsal, and if the dancer must add to their income with part-time work.   This JOURNALING  on each video viewed will be created/compiled/saved on the 1:1 device, to be printed later as a mini-research project.  The research project will be part of a PORTFOLIO containing a resume of arts activities [in school and/or community], awards if applicable, a list of ARTS APPRENTICESHIPS that are offered in S.C. or neighboring states, a list of ARTS FESTIVALS that relate to the student's interest, and a visual/audio/video collection of the student's work so far, no matter how much or how little.   It's important for the student to begin HONORING WORK ATTEMPTED & PRODUCED, and middle or high school is the time to begin!

Essential Question: 

What are the avenues to creating a viable carer in a performing arts setting, specifically DANCE ?  After "interviewing" several artists, students will have some concrete facts about the rewards and challenges in pursuing a career in the arts.

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