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Visual & Performing Arts


English Language Arts


Critical thinking skills

Inquiry-Based Literacy

Reading - Informational Text

Scientists classify organisms



Employ critical stance

Make conjectures and explore

Meaning and Context-Cite text evidence

Meaning and Context-Integrate information from diverse media/formats

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Introduce focused claim with organized reasons/evidence

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Introduce focused topic

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Support claims

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Use information from print/multimedia sources

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Use organizational structure

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Use precise language/domain-specific vocabulary

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Write argument text

Organize/categorize information

Recommended Technology: 

Power Point; video playing; 1-to1 technology as a modification to drawing, tablets if necessary for researching habitats and pictures of birds from primary source, Java software permission for day 6

Other instructional materials or notes: 

List of science, consumable supplies given

Bird Survival Through Adaptations

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

A series of historical illustrations by naturalist, Mark Catesby, will be used as a foundation for students to assess how adaptations contribute to a species ability to survive in a particular environment. 

Essential Question: 

How do observable variations among birds influence their survival in a habitat, finding food, finding mates and defending themselves and their territory?

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