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5, 7, 8, 10, 12

Social Studies

English Language Arts

Visual & Performing Arts


Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Role of American Citizens


Reading - Informational Text



Language, Craft, and Structure-Analyze author's use of vocabulary

Language, Craft, and Structure-Analyze impact of text features/structures

Language, Craft, and Structure-Analyze support of ideas/claims

Language, Craft, and Structure-Analyze/evaluate argument/claims

Language, Craft, and Structure-Determine figurative/connotative/technical meanings

Language, Craft, and Structure-Determine/analyze impact figurative/connotative/technical meanings

Language, Craft, and Structure-Trace/evaluate argument/claims

Language, Craft, and Structure-Use supporting evidence to explain author's points

Meaning and Context-Analyze contextual influences

Meaning and Context-Analyze ideas/information with examples/support

Meaning and Context-Compare/contrast ideas/topics in media

Meaning and Context-Gather relevant information from diverse sources

Meaning and Context-Present information/findings

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Write argument text

Meaning, Context, and Craft-Write informative/explanatory text

Political Socialization and Participation

Recommended Technology: 

Not necessary, but computers/tablets with internet access.

Other instructional materials or notes: 

All Media Involve Writing: Analyzing a News Photo and Assuming the Role of Journalists

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
1:1 Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Using a news photo, students use close reading skills and assume the role of journalists who must write about events represented by the image.

Essential Question: 

What do you see?

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Frank W. Baker
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