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English Language Arts

Social Studies


Reading - Informational Text

The American Revolution



Meaning, Context, and Craft-Develop experiences/events/characters

Range and Complexity-Read/respond to task/purpose

The Road to Revolution

Recommended Technology: 

Computers, Laptops, or Tablets – at least one per group
Projection Board


Other instructional materials or notes: 

Other Considerations – List all

*Be able to share multimedia with students, such as a video like this one:


“The Two Sides: Patriots vs. Loyalists”

“The Past is Present” or “Respective Perspectives”

Multiple days
Lesson type: 
Project Based Lesson
Lesson overview: 

Students will examine multiple perspectives of different groups of people on the notion of freedom during the American Revolution. The class forms into 5 groups:

Patriots, Loyalists/British, Enslaved Persons, Women, and Native Americans.

Each group will “deep dive” into their respective perspective, conduct research using print and electronic resources, produce writing samples (i.e. diary entry, proclamation, letter, etc.), record a video on FlipGrid, and participate in a small group as well as whole class discussions.

Students will read a variety of related texts, discuss historical issues critically, produce writing samples, perform an oral presentation, and record/share videos.

Essential Question: 

How can we benefit from seeing historical issues from multiple perspectives, as opposed to just one? 

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