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Teachers, in LearningWhy you will find Pre K-12 one-to-one and modified project-based, South Carolina standards driven, quality lessons. 

  • All lessons have been created and vetted to address the South Carolina State Department of Education's academic standards and include cross-curricular activities, lesson progressions, assessments, and all the media and content links needed to teach the standards down to their indicators. 
  • Lessons in LearningWhy may be downloaded and edited to meet the needs of your classroom. 

Teachers, the work you do is invaluable! Our Learning Outcomes feature allows you to share with other teachers the priceless a-ha moments in your classroom.   After using a lesson in LearningWhy share the outcome of projects and activities.  Sign-in/Create an account and share your student's brilliance here!

This resource was funded by the South Carolina K-12 Technology Initiative, and created  by ETV for South Carolina Pre K-12 Educators.