Welcome to ETV's LearningWhy

Hosting Innovative Lessons for Tomorrow’s Graduate                                        

ETV’s new Pre K-12 education service is for one-to-one and project-based learning lessons that address the essential questions to help students learn. 

LearningWhy hosts complete standards-based lessons for today’s classrooms using one-to-one devices. The lessons have been created and vetted to address the South Carolina State Department of Education's academic standards and include cross-curricular activities, lesson progressions, assessments, and all the media and content links needed to teach the standards down to their indicators. 

LearningWhy started with South Carolina's rich historical content for 8th grade S.C. Social Studies. During the 2017-18 year, LearningWhy will expand to include lessons in all curriculums and grade levels. The lessons may be downloaded and edited to further meet teachers' needs! 

LearningWhy is encouraging ETV’s educational partners and teachers to upload, incorporate, and share their projects, activities, and lessons across the state.

This resource was funded by the South Carolina K-12 Technology Initiative, and created  by ETV for South Carolina Pre K-12 Educators.